Saturday, March 14, 2015

New course signage

New directional signs for Greywalls are in production right now at the shop.  
This need stems from listening to feedback from our playing guests.  Flush bathroom on the property is always the number one question followed by the direction signage.  We listen and try to act on positive feedback as time and monetary funds allow.  
The issue with our older wood signs is they became difficult to see as the weather faded the wood.  If it is your first time playing the course the signs were easy to pass up thus causing confusion in some locations and potentially leading to a wrong or missed turn. 
Stacks of cut and routed signs
The letter template gauge set up for perfect routing 
We use composite decking boards to build these signs, it is easy to cut, route and will be low maintenance.  These new signs will last for many many years.  
A close up view of a board reveals their true natural wood look.  We want the signs to blend in to the natural surrounding but not so much that you can not see them.  The older wood signs had to be sanded and resealed every year but over time they became to faded. 
We cut directional arrows on the ends to indicate the proper direction of travel.  
The letters are routed and the small frayed edges are trimmed off.  
Painting the lettering Black makes the signs Pop!!
The ends will be painted a darker brown to complete the finished look we are trying to achieve.
New 4x4 posts will be installed to mount the signs on.  
I am looking forward to enhancing the Greywalls experience with these unique customized signs.  


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