Sunday, August 10, 2014

Number 17 in early May
Number 17 in early July
Number 17 on August 8th

Recovery of the putting greens and approaches on 16 and 17 Greywalls is going very well.  Walk mowing, increased fertility and a higher mowing height continues.  While the rest of the greens have been rolling a smooth 9.5 these two greens have been steady at an 8 on the stimp meter.  
We did vertical mow and lower the height slightly on these two greens this weekend; by doing so we gained another 6 inches of roll.  
Our current plan is to get these two greens at the same height of cut (0.125") following our green sand topdressing taking place during our maintenance day tomorrow.  
You can easily see the thin turf on the left.  Thin areas like this still remain on these two putting surfaces but enough plants are growing in these areas that recover has been rapid the last few weeks.  

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