Thursday, August 21, 2014

A lot is going on in the field at MGC.  Our staff level are dwindling as guys leave for school but the work must go on.  
Heritage fairways are getting solid tined and so are the last of the Greywalls fairways.  
Our Fairway fertilizer applications are being made to promote plant health before the turfgrass hardens off for winter.  The Nitrogen will also helps the plants grow out of two fungal pathogens that we currently have; red thread and dollar spot.      
Our Toro HydroJect 3000 is going to get a workout on the Heritage greens this fall.  I took it out on the Nursery green this week to prepare it for a fall workout.  
The tiny holes seen here are HydroJect holes.  The machine blasts water burst 8"+ deep into the soil profile.  It is a very low disruptive form of deep aerification.  
We never lay off our greens sand topdressing program.  It is the backbone to our very successful green management program.  

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