Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 This is a picture of the outlet drain tile on #2 Heritage, the drain was installed in 2011.  This season was proof that it is working very well, number 2 fairway is now much drier after snow melt and a heavy rain.
We are blessed with good soils that drain very well but there are still several areas on both golf courses that would benefit from added drain tile work.
Pond Management
Years ago Algae growth became a major issue in the Heritage irrigation pond and peaked out around 2003.  At that time an errant ball entering the pond stayed on top of the surface held in place by a surface algae mat.  This was an unpleasant situation; it became even more of an issue when we had to complete weekly irrigation intake pipe removal and cleaning as the algae growth was clogging the screens.
A solution had to be found and we wanted the solution to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
As you can tell by our current 2012 pond conditions it is working.
-Several changes to the fertilizer application, timings and rates were made and a buffer zone was allowed to grow around the pond edge.
-Physical removal of algae on the banks is completed in the spring.
-Monthly applications of several bacteria strains are made.  One bacteria strain out competes the algae for nutrients in the water and the other strain feeds on the dying algae.
In 2011 we had a revival of the algae towards the end of the season.  I feel the excessive growth was caused by an increased nutrient load from our ability to use more Orianna creek water than before to fill the pond (because of improvement we made to our retention area).  We were able to combat that problem in 2012 with the additional use of an Eco-sock.  The Eco-socks contain the same bacteria as used before but provides a consistent slower release of the bacteria strains.
As pictured above one can see that our environmentally friendly management continues to work in our favor!

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