Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring has arrived

Spring is indeed here this week!  We started to get the course cleaned up last week then 8-10" of wet (very wet) heavy snow last Friday slowed the effort.  It also created a lot more work by downing even more trees and branches.  
Temps in the upper 60's over the weekend and this week has melted the new snow and taken most of the old snow with it.  Work has again started on cleanup.  

The Driving Range officially opened at noon yesterday.  The range picker cart could not be used because of wet turf conditions and the Proshop ran out of balls within 5 hours!  They closed early so the balls could be hand picked.  

The turf looks absolutely fantastic as the snow melts.  The Fairways look about average but the Greens, Approaches and Tees look better than ever!!  A few minor changes to the Snowmold fungicide application last fall has provided better results.  I am very encouraged and happy with what I see!

Fairway spray lines on Greywalls.  Some tanks just did not work as well as others.  I am still not sure why but I have some contacts coming in today to give me their thoughts.  I am still not worried at all.  Recovery in these areas has already began.  Those harder hit areas will just lag behind a few weeks this early spring.  

I started to test and dial in our new Weidenmann Super 600 yesterday.  This unit is absolutely amazing!  Debris cleanup will be taken to a new level and the begining of fairway vertical mowing starts this season!

Our new Pronovost dump trailer will pay for itself in one season!  This thing has already saved hours of labor this spring alone!  You get something like this and you wonder how you managed without it.  

14 tee of the Heritage had the doors opened and lights turned on last week after an aggressive trim and undergrowth removal was complete.  Looking forward to some healthier teeing surfaces.  

Removal of the three D's (Dead-Dieing-Diseased) was also going on the last few weeks.  Cleanup still needs to take place in a few of these areas.  

The Bridge on number 4 Greywalls is getting a new deck.  The boards were rotten and have not been real easy to remove esp. with the amount of nails used for construction.  The crew is doing a great job so far.  

Our new directional signage for Greywalls look outstanding!  They will be a big improvement for our out of town guests.  The original wood signage was weathered beyond repair and was difficult to read.  

Here is a pic of our new Driving range hitting station dividers.  I am really excited about these also!

Big things continue to happen behind the scene at MGC!!
Your Grounds crew is always hard at work!

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