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Sunday, August 28, 2016

What every golfer needs to know

A lack of proper golf course care and etiquette is becoming a serious issue.  This display of respect for the course and fellow golfers is one aspect of the game that attracted me to a career in the industry.  
The decline in etiquette and course care has me searching for reason why... The only answer I can come up with is a lack of education on the subject.... These folks that complete or don't complete these acts do not even realize they are acting in a disrepectful manner.  

Knowledge is Power 
I will highlight a list of course care/golf etiquette rules that if followed by everyone....creates a better course for all golfers (plus a happy Grounds crew)

Fill the Void
Some Courses fill divots with sand and some request that you replace your sod- Marquette Golf Club is a 'replace your divot' facility.  We live in a climate where divot survival rate is high so I favor replacing divots... Either way one must 'fill the void' or Mother Nature will with a plant which is out of place.
When divots are not replace the grounds crew has to spend unnessesary hours on the task.... So please replace your divots

Walk properly on the green.

Metal spikes are a thing of the past but I must say these new aggressive so call 'soft spikes' make me wish we had metal spikes back.  The twisting and dragging we see on our putting surfaces is upsetting.  These issues increase after we receive heavy rains making conditions softer than we maintain for.  
Walk with care on the putting greens

Repair ballmarks properly
This one is simple... If you hit a shot onto a green in the air chances are good you left some sort of mark on the surface... Look for it and repair it properly with the proper tool.  These unrepaired ball marks affect the true/smooth ball roll we strive for everyday.  

Leave the green alone..

No matter how hard you smash the green with your putter after missing a putt I promise you it will not take a stroke off your total score.
This kind of temper is not needed and usually affects every other golfer that is playing behind you.  So if your goal is making enemies you have succeeded other wise calm down, smile and have fun.... The game is suppose to be fun.  

If you hit into a sand bunker you must always Enter/exit the bunker from the low side and rake your tracks smooth as you exit.  
Climbing up a high side loosens the bunker banks that we try not to rake so they stay firm.  If your ball is up there... by all means walk up and hit it but if it's not... Stay low.  

Lay the flagstick down gently- the top prisms used for range finders are very expensive and letting a flagstick slam to the ground can knock a prism loose and out.  

My biggest pet peeve is destructive behavior while operating a 'golf cart'.  I'll never understand the need for speed while driving carts especially on our busy days when all your doing is driving fast to go sit and wait.  95% of the time the tires are on turf and not asphalt so one must remember that fact.  Driving fast and furious damages turf and destroys the cart path ends where the turf/soil/asphalt meet.  Crazy driving is also very dangerous and can cause personal injury especially on the Greywalls course.  
Drive slow and with caution plus remember 2 carts per foursome... Zero exceptions.  

Following these proper golf etiquette rules will help everyone enjoy the game even more; so please be a friend.

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